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    200,000 KRW / Person
    Minimun Pax
    4 People
    Daily 08:00am ~ 19:00pm
    Transportation, English-speaking Tour Guide-cum-Driver, Admission Fees, Lunch, Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off Services, VAT.
    Dinner, Personal Expenses.
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Tour Course

  • Hotel (Seoul)
  • Move to Mt. Seorak (3 Hours)
  • Mt. Seorak National Park: Gwongeum Fortress (by Cable Car) & Sinheungsa Temple
  • Lunch (Bibimbap)
  • Naksansa Temple
  • Move to Seoul (3 Hours)
  • Hotel.


    • Mt. Seorak National Park
      Mt. Seorak National park was designated the 5th national park in Mt. Seorak is one of the most impressive tourist spots for foreign visitors, and is the place that Koreans love the most.
      This mountain stands tall on the pinnacle, Daechungbong, the highest point of the Taebaek mountain range which is the backbone of the Korean peninsula.
      Mt. Seorak is divided into two sides by Mysiryeong and Hangaeryeong: the eastern part is called Weiseorak, and the western part is called Naeseorak, meaning inner Seorak.
      Most of the fantastic cliffs and great waterfalls are concentrated on the Weiseorak, and the splendid natural terrain of the Naeseorak touches people's hearts in a special way, with its dynamic and breathtaking beauty and colors all year round.
      A variety of walking trails and precious cultural legacies are hidden in the Valleys of Mt. Seorak, and it is the only habitat declared by UNESCO in Korea.
    • Gwongeum Fortress
      Located 860m above sea level, Gwongeum Fortress is found near the south entrance of Sinheung Temple, which is located on the peak that reaches the heavens.
      The fortress is named after two generals - Kwon and Kim - who were said to have erected the wall in a day to block the Mongolian invasion (1253) during the Goryeo Dynasty.
      The view from Mt. Seorak, as seen from the Gwongeum Fortress is regarded to be the very best.
      *Gwongeumseong Cable Car Tourists can ogle at the tingling view of the huge and magnificent Mt. Seorak National Park 670 meters below.
      The 14 minute round-trip will show you a dramatic panorama of the grandeur of nature that you will never forget.
    • Sinheung Temple
      A Monk named Jajangyulsa founded this temple by the order of a king during Silla Kingdom, and the original name of the temple was "Hyangseongsa."
      It has a 9-story stone temple with Buddha's bones preserved in it, but this temple was burned down many times, however it was rebuilt by 3 monks after receiving the same message in their dreams. The sitting bronze Buddha statute, which is 14.6m tall (as high as a modern 6 story apartment building) at the main entrance of the temple is the largest one in the world and took 11 years to build. Sixteen disciples of Buddha are inscribed on the statute, wishing for the unification of our country with donated relics such as 3 Jinsinsari (Buddha's bones), Darani-gyeong (sutra), and iron cloth from the government of Myanmar.
    • Naksan Temple
      The temple which is thought to be able to cure a person's pain by the fact that the Goddess of Mercy just exists there as the sunrise gives everyone a bright light was built at Mt. Obong by monk Uisang who had gone for study to Tang, and learned the Avatamska's from Jieom.
      Most buildings you can see now were reconstructed after the Korean War. Unfortunately, in April, 2005, due to a big forest fire, a National Treasure, No. 479, Naksansa Dongjong and some palaces like Wontongbojeon were destroyed. Recently, they are pushed on the restoration.