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    125,000 KRW / Person
    Minimun Pax
    2 People
    Daily 09:00am ~ 17:30pm
    Transportation, English-speaking Tour Guide, Admission Fees, Hotel Pick-up/Drop-off Service, Lunch, VAT.
    Personal Expenses.
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Tour Course

  • Hotel
  • Icheon Modern Ceramic Museum
  • Pottery Class
  • Lunch (Bibimbap)
  • Yeoju Premium Outlet
  • Hotel.


    • Icheon Ceramics Village
      Icheon Ceramics Village produces traditional Korean ceramics, which are of high quality.
      The village became the center of traditional pottery during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) for about 500 years due to the easily obtainable materials in the areas. Icheon Ceramics Village was also the center of Joseon Baekja ceramics. Presently, about 80 pottery factories are congregated at the village, and about 300 pottery kilns are in use.
      Visitors can observe the pottery production process, and purchase them directly. It is worthwhile to see the crafts of these potters known as Living Cultural Treasures of Korea for creating the highest quality handicrafts. Not only are the traditional Cheongja, Baekja, and Buncheong pottery produced here, but you can also view modern design pottery.
    • Mok-Ah Buddhist Museum
      Mok-A Buddhist Museum was established to succeed and develop Korean traditional woodworking arts and Buddhist arts.
      This museum has been committed to the culture business as a professional private museum since the enshrinement ceremony of Maitreya.
    • Modern Ceramic Museum
      The Modern Ceramic Museum is the former site where ceramics were produced for the royal households of the Joseon Dynasty for 400 years. The museum specializes in the study of traditional Korean ceramics such as Joseon white porcelain or baekja.
      The museum consists of two large exhibition rooms, a special exhibition room, a multi-purpose room, and other smaller rooms. Its auxiliary facilities include a large-scale outdoor sculpture park; kilns heated with firewood; a Korean-style garden; a tea ceremony performance room; and a shopping mall selling ceramics produced.
      The museum exhibits traditional ceramics from the Joseon Dynasty such as pure white porcelain, blue and white porcelain, white porcelain painted with under-glaze iron-brown, and punch'ong ware, that were all made throughout the Joseon Dynasty's 500 years of history.
    • Yeouju Premium Outlet
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